While dentures can seem unappealing recent developments mean it is difficult to tell if a person is wearing them, nor should the user expect any discomfort when wearing a well fitted denture.

A denture will fill the space caused by tooth loss, giving function as well as aesthetics and are very useful in restoring the smiles of patients with multiple missing teeth.

We provide 4 types of denture to our patients:

  1. Acrylic- These are the ‘traditional’ plastic dentures which function by being close fitting to your existing teeth and gums. They are well tolerated by most patients but can take a short amount of time to get used to as they work in conjunction with your muscles and thus your mouth needs to get used to their presence and learn to work with them.

  2. Chrome Cobalt- These dentures are made of cosmetic acrylic built onto a metal base which allows the lab technicians to make a much smaller, less intrusive set of dentures which can have clips going to existing teeth. As a result patients can often find that chrome dentures are more stable and comfortable than acrylic dentures and are better tolerated by patients with a sensitive gag reflex. Patients can sometimes by concerned by the thought of the metal elements of chrome dentures being visible- this is not the case as the metalwork is always carefully positioned where it cannot be seen.

  3. Valplast (a flexible acrylic)- Valplast dentures are a fairly recent addition to the arsenal of materials available to restore missing teeth. They are made of a nylon based resin which can flex and bend allowing them to to ‘clip in’ around existing teeth to give the comfort and stability of a chrome denture without the need for a metal base. They perform best when they are restoring smaller spaces however so in situations where one is restoring larger spaces a chrome denture can perform better but your dentist can discuss this with you during treatment planning.

  4. Implant Retained- Patients who have lost all of their teeth or have previously struggled with other dentures can often benefit from having implant retained dentures. These are dentures which clip into implants in the mouth using magnets or precision attachments to give the denture a fixed base to lock into. Increasingly implant retained dentures are becoming the gold standard for patients who have lost all of their teeth as they can make full dentures so much more comfortable and stable..

Depending on your needs and the location of the denture we can assist in choosing the right one to suit you and discuss any case specific advantages and disadvantages of each type of at your examination to come up with a care plan tailored to your needs.

For information on dentures costs please visit our pricing page.