Freshen up your smile for the New Year

If you are looking for a positive way to start the year after an indulgent christmas to freshen up your smile for 2019 tooth whitening might be the answer you are looking for.

Many of the treats that we enjoy around Christmas such as mulled wine, cranberry sauce or even the coffee giving you the energy to get through it all are big sources of staining for your teeth. Over time these kinds of staining can begin to accumulate, resulting in a dull or discoloured smile.

Careful day to day cleaning and regularly seeing a hygienist can remove most of the surface staining on your teeth but the more deeply ingrained discolouration cannot be addressed by cleaning along.

Tooth whitening actively removes staining in the deeper tissues of your teeth to leave a whiter and brighter smile without damaging your teeth and without any painful or unpleasant dental procedures.

If you are looking for a fully qualified dentist in Reading to provide tooth whitening to get your teeth back to the smile you deserve feel free to contact us. Our cosmetic brand Natural White provide free consultations where we can assess your teeth and discuss what options you have to achieve the results you are looking for - so you can smile with confidence!

In most cases the only treatment needed to improve the appearance of your teeth and restore their underlying colour is whitening which involves an initial consultation and taking moulds of your teeth. Approximately 2 weeks after this you will be given a set of custom fitted whitening trays which you then wear with a whitening gel at night at home for the following weeks. This process does not cause any pain and does no harm to your teeth but gradually whitens your teeth giving you a smile you can be proud of.