4 Steps To A Brilliant Smile


Here at Prospect Street Dental Practice, we can provide to all of your dental needs.

However, you can save time, hassle and money by following a few simple steps. These will help avoid extra trips to see your Reading dentist and maintain the health of your teeth - keeping a smile on your face! 

1) Brushing - Most of us adhere to this but it can't be overstated; this is the most important part of daily teeth cleaning - so make sure you do it twice a day. Whether you are using an electric or manual toothbrush, the key is to be thorough and take the full 2 minutes.

If you have a tendency to brush aggressively or have limited dexterity, you may benefit from the use of an electric toothbrush - these can alert you when brushing too hard. But, if you are happy and thorough with a manual toothbrush, they can be equally effective. 

If you do decide to move onto an electric brush we recommend ‘oscillating rotating brushes’ 
over other varieties - these have replaceable round heads that rotate rapidly.

Also remember to brush your tongue (yes, really!) - back and forth, and side to side.  

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2) Toothpaste - The most important element is fluoride, as this helps to strengthen teeth and make them resistant to decay. Most toothpaste contains fluoride and you can check the back of packaging for more information. We recommend you use a toothpaste containing between 1300 and 1500ppm fluoride. 

Herbal toothpastes are ineffective at the prevention of decay and best avoided.

If you suffer with sensitive teeth, you may want to use a toothpaste formulated for treating sensitivity, however, make sure you have your teeth checked as the sensitivity could indicate an underlying problem. 

Click here for more on choosing a toothpaste that's right for you

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3) Flossing - For anyone over 18, it is recommended to clean between their teeth at least once a day using floss or interdental brushes (in fact, this makes up nearly 35% of your teeth's surface area).

If you've tried using interdental brushes previously and experienced discomfort, you may have been using the wrong size. We can help with this.

These can be found at supermarkets, chemists and dental practices. The purpose is to get to the places between teeth where tooth brushes cannot reach. Even if you cannot feel anything between your teeth, the plaque will be there. This is especially important if you suffer from gum disease or are at risk of it. 

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4) Mouthwash - The best time to use mouthwashes is NOT after brushing, especially if using Corsodyl mouthwash as it deactivates some of the active ingredients in toothpaste. (The longer toothpaste is in contact with your teeth, the greater the benefit.)

Mouthwashes can be used in the middle of the day or after work; but try to avoid use of mouthwashes at the same time as brushing. Also, always try to use a mouth wash containing fluoride.


At a glance this list seems a lot, but stick with it for a couple of weeks and it'll become simple, refreshing routine for your teeth. Just a few minutes each day could save a lot of time and most importantly teeth in the long run.

The best thing, you can always pop back here for a quick refresher!

If you follow these steps and maintain a good diet, there is no reason you should need any dentistry other than routine checkups and trips to the hygienist.