What To Do If Your Child Knocks A Tooth Out?

(For 6 year olds and over)

The first 30 minutes is the most crucial time to give the tooth the best chance.

If you can replace the tooth yourself, give us a call immediately and we can guide you through the process.

If you are unsure whether the tooth is a baby tooth please contact the practice. You don't re-implant baby teeth.

Pick up the tooth by the part you recognise - don't touch the root! If there is mud or debris you may rinse the root but don't rub it. This is very delicate and the microscopic surface can be easily damaged.

To re-implant the tooth, gently place it (smooth part facing you) into the socket. Push firmly or using a tissue/handkerchief and get the child to bite down on their tooth.

If you can't re-implant the tooth, either store it in milk or water. Call us to help with this.

If your child breaks a tooth, keep the fractured piece - we may be able to re-bond it.