Replacing silver fillings

Silver, or amalgam, fillings are made with mercury, silver, tin and copper. In some cases, other metals may be included in amalgam fillings, too. A great deal of research has examined these fillings and found them to be an effective, long-lasting treatment for dental decay.

We often have patients ask us about options for replacing their old silver fillings for a more discreet option. Whilst this is possible and will renew your smile to better blend and dental work with your natural teeth, its not essential unless there is a concern about the structure of the original tooth.

Old silver fillings can deteriorate over time, leaving your teeth vulnerable to decay or tooth cracks. Should this occur, your Prospect Street Dental Practice dentist will usually recommend replacing old silver fillings with a durable, more aesthetic composite filling, which we will match in colour to your natural teeth.

Restoring your teeth and regaining your smile

At Prospect Street Dental Practice in Reading we use resin composite fillings to match the colour of your teeth and ensure a long-lasting and natural-looking result. We also offer porcelain crowns, inlays and onlays as successful options for repairing cracked, broken, decayed or heavily filled teeth. They are hardwearing and can be colour-matched perfectly to your own teeth.

If you would like to discuss replacing your old amalgam fillings or for any dental needs, give us a call on 0118 947 2517 or .