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A veneer is a thin, custom-made shell that is used to cover the front surface of a tooth, usually made from porcelain. They look natural and healthy, and can improve the colour, shape and position of your teeth. They can hide stained, chipped, mis-shaped or crooked teeth, or cover gaps in teeth where orthodontic treatment may not be suitable.

At Prospect Street Dental Practice we use only the best materials and quality ceramic laboratories that have been tried and tested by thousands of patients. The procedure takes two appointments. At the first appointment, we shape your teeth as carefully and conservatively as possible and take a mould of the teeth to be veneered. Hand crafted temporary veneers are then placed on your teeth whilst your final veneers are being made. This allows you to ‘trial’ your new smile so that you can experience how your new smile will look and feel. If you want any changes to the shape or size at this stage, we can make adjustments so that you’re completely satisfied.

Once the veneers are ready, the temporary veneer is removed at your second appointment, and the permanent one fitted. Your Prospect Street Dental Practice dentist will check the fit to ensure a correct bite and check your comfort, before securing in place.

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Our Smile Evaluation helps us understand what you would like to change about your smile. Simply tell us what you would like to achieve, and we'll give you an idea of what treatments may be suitable to achieve your dream smile.

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We've been renewing smiles and resorting confidence for many years. Take a peak at our smile gallery to see some of our smile transformations.

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Smile gallery

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