Dental Crowns

Serving patients throughout Caversham, Emmer Green and Reading

Crowns are advised when it is necessary to protect, strengthen and restore teeth. They may also be used to cover discoloured or misshapen teeth to improve the overall appearance of your smile.

Available in a range of materials, our crowns permanently sit over the entire visible surface of your existing tooth and are made to look as real as your own natural tooth.

The procedure takes two appointments. At the first appointment, we minimally shape the tooth and place a temporary crown. About 14 days later at your second appointment, we remove the temporary crown, place your new crown and check the fit and your bite.

The crown can last for many years if good oral hygiene is maintained, depending on the condition of the original tooth. Additional care should be taken to keep the crown and surrounding area clean. Your Prospect Street Dental Practice dentist or dental hygienist will recommend an appropriate home care regime.