At Prospect Street Dental Practice we are proud of our reputation throughout Caversham and Reading for providing family dentistry in a safe and caring environment. We welcome all patient feedback, which can be sent using the link below.

If you're happy with your treatment it's great for us to hear about it, please take a few moments to let us know using the link above. Here are the thoughts of some recent patients:

I wouldn’t Go anywhere else

I’ve been to see same Dentist Jill Adam for 25 years!  I wouldn’t go anywhere else. 

I forgot to say…Jill the Hygienist is also brilliant – I don’t think I would have any teeth left if not for Jill.

I think that says it all!


My Daughter Was In Safe Hands

"My daughter (Age 11) visited Dr Josephine Bayliss-Chapman last weekend for the removal of one of her adult teeth (due to overcrowding). I was very impressed with the kind and caring way in which my daughter was looked after in what could have been a very traumatic and stressful situation.

"I would not hesitate in recommending Dr Bayliss-Chapman to my friends and family as I know they would certainly be in safe hands.

"A huge thank you again for making the experience more bearable - for the both of us."

Mrs D Hawkes


Nothing is too much trouble

"A short while ago I had cause to visit the dentist with my son, as he had fallen at lunchtime at school and smashed his face on a concrete step splitting his lip and breaking a tooth. To my pleasant surprise his dentist, Amita, was able to see him really quickly the same day, (approximately about 2pm). Amita is normally great with the children anyway, always putting them at ease during their usual check up visits. However, on this occasion, she was superb. She just got on with treating my son repairing his broken tooth, even so far as stitching his badly split lip both inside and out. Her attitude and professionalism in dealing with my son was fantastic, there wasn't anything that was too much trouble.

"We then had a follow up call from another member of staff on the Saturday morning to enquire as to how my son was getting on and to check that he wasn't in too much pain etc. Again, this was a pleasant and unexpected surprise and further cemented my belief that we had chosen the right dental practice to look after our families teeth.

"The after care did not end there though, as
Amita herself called back on the Monday morning to also enquire about my son's welfare and to check that he was comfortable and had had no further complications.

"Thank you."

Mr Buck, Reading


At very little cost I now have a smile to be proud of

"Since childhood I have always had a fear of the dentist and only went when I had raging toothache.

"However, last year after a period of more than 15 years, I plucked up the courage to go as I thought I would soon need dentures because of the awful appearance of my teeth. This to my complete amazement was not the course of action at all.

"I was informed that I could have a course of treatment that would transform my teeth at very little cost. Obviously I did not hesitate for this work to be done.

"I had a two week bleaching treatment which transformed the appearance my teeth after which I had 6 composite veneers.

"The entire treatment was painless and dare I say a pleasure as I knew at the end of this work I would have a smile to be proud of.

"At very little cost and very little time involvement I can honestly say I have never spent money more wisely.

"Thank you Dr Buckley!"

Mrs McG, Reading

I am so much more confident when I smile!

"Thanks again for today I am so happy with the end result of my teeth!

"I came to Dr Buckley for the first time to have a check up through the recommendation of a friend.

"I had not been to a dentist for many years and the last time I did go was with an NHS practice, however I knew my teeth were in need of a check up and wanted some advice on possible cosmetic work that could be done to the front of my teeth.

"Dr Buckley came across as trust worthy and honest, providing good advice as to what cosmetic work was required. Not only passionate, but the only dentist that I have experienced to want to build up a customer rapport before any work is taken place.

"I had a silver filling in the back right hand side of my upper tooth along with a white filling next to it, I had x-rays taken of my mouth and was told I required a little work on the other side.

"I had my appointment booked for cosmetic work to the front of my teeth!

"I had a Composite Veneer put on the left hand side of my front tooth and was filed into a shape that matched well with the rest of my teeth. I also had a small chip in my front tooth that required filing and polishing for a smoother finish.

"I felt at ease the whole time I was her patient, reassuring me at all times saying if ever there was anything I was not happy with then we can discuss the matter, and make it suitable for me.

"I am so happy with the end result and feel so much more confident when I smile.

"Thanks for all you time, efforts and patience with me. I truly admire your passion for being a dentist and all your hard work and thoughts."

Charlotte Webb

I am so pleased with the improvement to my smile I can't tell you!

"For the first time in nearly 60 years I'm not worried about showing my teeth! I know you said that if I don't like the veneers I can have them removed but that won't happen!! For just having the 2 teeth done the difference is amazing!

"Very few people have noticed but I keep getting stared at by friends who seem to know something's different but can't quite figure out what! That's exactly the way I like it ☺

"Thanks once again Dr Buckley - see you at the next appointment!"

Mrs AW

The staff are friendly, it's easy to get an appointment and the atmosphere is calming

"Jill Adams has been my dentist for more than 25 years, she's always given me the right advice and treatment. The staff are friendly, it's easy to get an appointment and the atmosphere is calming. From what I can see, the practice move on with technology and equipment. No stress involved on my visits!"

Mrs SC, Caversham

The procedure was painless,quick and stress-free and the transformation exceeded my expectations

"I recently had dental work on my front teeth including two composite veneers and I can truly say the treatment has been an amazing success! The procedure was painless,quick and stress-free and the transformation exceeded my expectations. I can now smile with confidence and I have had great feedback from friends and family.

"Many thanks Dr Buckley for your dental skills and enthusiasm."

Mrs LT, Reading

I just want to mention how delighted I am with my dental treatment under the care of Dr Buckley

"A truly amazing dentist. Like many older people, I have a fear of dentist and have hated my teeth and smile for over 50 years. Under her superb care, I have never felt happier coming to a dentist. A fantastic professional, very friendly and honest. She never rushes and always has time to explain exactly what is needed, exactly what is going to happen and how much the treatment will cost. Even then, she doesn't mind you paying over a few months! Unheard of in this day and age.

"She really does care about you as a person and how you feel about your teeth. I have had several large fillings done and not once have I felt the injection or indeed any pain whatsover. I feel happier and more confident, can't wait to get my teeth whitened and other much needed work done.

"THANK YOU so much, Dr Buckley. I can't recommend you enough."

Mrs AH, Reading

Can't praise Eileen & Jill (Hygienist) highly enough

"Both expert in their fields & both genuine, sincere people. I used to dread going to the dentist (and didn't for many years!) until I received a recommendation for Prospect Street from a friend. She was right; I have subsequently recommended and will continue to do so."

Mr MA, Reading

At last I can be confident with my smile

"Finally finished extensive treatment - full mouth crowns and veneers. My previous treatment was about 25 years ago and there was extensive deterioration. I have an extreme fear of treatments - particularly the drill. But an even bigger fear of having a set of false teeth.

"A big thanks to Amita and her team for getting me through this. A great dentist who does her best to make the treatment bearable and most of all she makes me laugh."

Mrs SC, Reading

Faith In Dentistry Restored

"Jill Adam has restored my faith in dentistry. I can't thank her and her team enough for their endless patience, kindness and expertise over the years. Been using the practice for the last 20 years and I'm a very satisfied customer."

Mrs Powell, Reading