NEW - Longer Opening Hours

Your Life Is Busy

Scheduling a dentist trip for an appointment can be difficult at times. Juggling work & family life often leaves us with no time to fit everything in. We’d hate for your busyness to be the reason for a problem that we could easily have nipped in the bud.

That’s why, as of this week, Prospect Street Dental Practice will be offering extended opening hours on Wednesdays – until 6.00pm. We want to improve access to our dental treatments for patients that work away from the area or struggle to make appointments during normal working hours.

Bear in mind that your regular dentist might not be available late, as our extended opening hours will be with Dr Peter Lindholm & Dr Darragh Buckley initially.                                                                            

Our new hours will ensure you're taken care of.

Our new hours will ensure you're taken care of.

A Permanent Change?

This service will initially be every other week with a view to extending it to a permanent weekly change, depending on take-up with our patients. Please help us spread the word if this is of interest to you or those you know.

Remember, if you’d like to book an appointment with our dentists in Reading please call 0118 947 2517 or email us at

We're here to make you smile.

We're here to make you smile.


While discussing opening hours, it’s always pertinent to mention for patients who struggle to make weekday appointments the practice is also open on Saturdays as always.

Early Mornings

Additionally, if you struggle to find a time to visit the dentist that works, mention it to our team - we try to be flexible and work around you & so open from 8am for appointments, before school or work. 


Unfortunately, tooth pain and accidents don’t always limit themselves to the working week. If you are in need of an emergency, you can always call 111. If you need to see a dentist, arrangements will be made, although not necessarily with someone from this practice.


If you’d like to book an appointment with our dentists in Reading please call 0118 947 2517 or email us at