A Plastic-Free Future One Toothbrush at a Time

The battle against plastic marches on as The British Dental Association highlights the way in which sustainable sources can be incorporated into dentistry.

With Plastic Free July just gone, the industry is questioning how we can help fight the war on non-sustainable sources, with a particular focus on toothbrushes.

Within his blog post, the BDA’s Peter Dyer details the developments that take us closer to solving this problem. With materials such as bamboo, sugar cane and castor oil, manufacturers are able to start working on a more suitable alternative.

There are staggering stats to support the notion that continuing to use plastic toothbrushes will have disastrous effects on the environment. For example, 200 million brushes each year are disposed of and each plastic toothbrush takes 400 years to degrade – it’s no wonder industry experts are putting their heads together to find a solution.

Give their article a read to find out more on how we can all take steps towards a sustainable future: https://www.bda.org/news-centre/blog/Pages/Dentistry-the-toothbrush-and-sustainability.aspx