The Latest Training Techniques

Recently Prospect Street Dental Practice closed for the afternoon to allow all staff to engage in a day of basic life support training. We believe that it is vital for all staff to know how to manage any emergencies that occur in or outside the practice and would recommend attending a CPR course to everyone.

Hands on training to give you the best service.

Hands on training to give you the best service.

Often the biggest factor allowing someone to survive a potentially life threatening medical crisis such as a severe allergic reaction or a stroke is the rapid response of those nearby who can stabilise them while waiting for the emergency services to arrive. The clearest example of this is prompt CPR for somebody who has had a heart attack, who need their blood flow through their body to be maintained until paramedics can arrive- without prompt CPR a heart attack victim will often be too far gone for medical treatment.

As a result, the key part of the "basic life support" course run in the practice was to be prepared in the event of a heart attack- especially considering we often treat anxious patients who may have existing medical conditions putting them at risk from having medical crises.

As a medical establishment we also have a defibrillator which can be used to attempt to revive someone who has had a heart attack - the sooner they are treated the better so if you or a member of the public ever collapses near the practice we may be the closest at hand equipped to help. This is also true for all doctors’ surgeries and simple defibrillators can be found throughout the country following a campaign to increase their availability by heart charities.

Everyone got involved in the training.

 The practice staff are equipped to treat an array of medical issues and are committed to keeping up to date and do yearly courses to keep informed for the safety of both our patients and the general public.

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